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How To Create A Holiday Gift Bag

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When planning out my gift giving strategy every year, I try to think about each person I’m shopping for. I consider their personalities. I also think about which brands I love and use the most in my daily life. Taking into account personality is always so important. That’s my indicator for what types of gifts to give and which brands to shop. When thinking of my loved ones, I might take their personality into account to classify them as a foodie, an adventurer, a homebody, or a million other things.

This year, I’m really inspired to gift my loved ones whole packages to encompass their personalities. So I decided to create gift bags for each person. Since Edwin and I got a puppy, we’ve been wanting to stay in more to spend time with her. I have a few homebody friends like this with their pets or babies. So I’m super excited to be putting together a holiday gift bag for the homebody (it’s a Secret Santa gift… fingers crossed she misses this post!) with some of my absolute favorite items that I use on a regular basis.

When thinking about gifts for the home, I turned to Annie Selke to start my shopping. I always love every single thing she touches and creates. Keep reading for my tips on how to create a holiday gift bag. Plus, what I’m putting in my holiday gift bag for the homebody…

Ideas for Creating a Holiday Gift Bag for the Homebody // Rhyme & ReasonTips for Creating a Holiday Gift Bag for Christmas // Rhyme & Reason How To Create A Holiday Gift Bag with Annie Selke on Rhyme & Reason

Tips for How to Create a Holiday Gift Bag

As I mentioned above, creating holiday gift bags is so fun because you can put together an inspired gift bag for every type of person. For example, for my favorite foodie, I’m working on putting together a holiday gift bag with a restaurant gift card to one of my favorite spots, a cookbook that I love and find tried and true, a cocktail kit, and some yummy little treats. So easy, right!? You might be wondering where to start when creating holiday gift bags. I suggest starting with the bag!

No matter who I’m gifting this year, I’m using the same bag for each person… this glam canvas gold tote bag. I love metallics at the holidays as they just add a little sparkle and shine to any occasion. I’m obsessed with the Precious Metals Collection Annie Selke did this year. This bag comes in two sizes. Which is perfect for different sized holiday gift bags. It also comes in three metallic colors: gold, silver, and rose. I always gravitate toward gold but the silver is so classic for Christmas. The rose is feminine and beautiful.

When creating a holiday gift bag, I think the bag is just as important as the goodies inside. People love a quality bag. They can reuse it for trips to the farmer’s market, the beach, and even the dry cleaner. I’d use this tote bag as an airplane carryon too! After you find the perfect bag, it’s time to think about personalities and your favorite brands to match those personalities… enter in Annie Selke for my homebody holiday gift bag!

Home for the Holidays with a Puppy and Gifts from Annie Selke // Rhyme & Reason The Best Home Gifts to Give this Christmas from Annie Selke Ideas for Creating a Holiday Gift Bag for the Homebody // Rhyme & Reason

Holiday Gift Bag Ideas for the Homebody

After I determined that I was going to create a holiday gift bag for my homebody friend and after I picked out the gift bag, I thought about my favorite home brands so I could pick out all the treats for inside the bag. I only considered brands that I love and use all the time in my home. So, it didn’t take me more than a minute to head to the Annie Selke website. They have everything from furniture, decor, sleepware, accessories, and beauty. Aka, exactly what I was looking for! My girlfriend loves cozy movie nights in so a throw blanket was a must.

I settled on the Mara Knit Throw because it’s double sided… one side is smooth and classic, while the other side is a little bohemian, which is just like my secret santa! I also wanted to pamper her so I included this fleece robe (I scooped it up in blue but it also comes in 11 other colors), this lavender herbal face & body milk, and these Himalayan rose bath salts.

To fill out the holiday gift bag, I decided to throw in a decor piece and settled on this polka dot sequin decorative pillow because it matched the gift bag so well and I thought it would be a fun piece to pull out every year at the holidays (remember how I said I love metallics at the holidays!?). I always like the idea of adding in a cute Christmas ornament too for a little dose of festivity. Lastly, no holiday gift bag is complete without a bottle of champagne! Cheers!

P.S. to help you spread holiday cheer, Annie Selke is offering 15% off your first order when you click over to her site and sign up for the newsletter in the pop up!

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Glam Canvas Gold Tote Bag / Sheepy Fleece Chalk Blue Robe / Mara Knit ThrowLavender Herbal Face & Body MilkHimalayan Rose Bath SaltsPolka Dot Sequin Decorative Pillow

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