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This week flew by! I had work off on Monday so the week felt like a flash. I was super busy too with finishing report cards (I’m a teacher for those of you who didn’t know), checking out my friend perform in an original acting performance, and scouring town for my costume for the costume ball I’m attending tonight. I’ll let y’all in on more about the ball next week. I’m so excited for the weekend to begin! I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!

Costume Ball Cocktail


1. Did you know that Vogue now has city guides on their website? (

2. J.Crew got new spring arrivals. Need I say more? (

3. Mackenzie Horan looked so cute at New York Fashion Week. (

4. This ravioli has my name all over it, woah. (

5. Five cities to travel to this spring. I’ve got my eye on one or two of these destinations. (

6. A brand new cooking blog I discovered on Instagram. The recipes so far look beautiful. (

7. What’s going on on Pinterest? (

8. Throw a party for the Oscars this weekend like Emily Schuman in 2013, 2014, or now in 2015. (

Photo: Coco + Kelley

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