Comfortable Winter Loungewear and Athleisure | Rhyme & Reason
Comfortable Winter Loungewear and Athleisure | Rhyme & Reason

Comfortable Winter Loungewear and Athleisure

Charleston, South Carolina
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It has been very chilly and cold in Charleston this month! That combined with the fact that I’ve been doing less since I broke my toe, means I’ve been living in comfortable winter loungewear and athleisure around the house and around town. I got the below jogger set (hoodie, joggers) from Summersalt in the fall and fell for the jogger look. It feels like a welcome change to athleisure leggings but is just as comfortable. At the same time, I’m also one to love workout leggings. There is nothing better than finding the exact right pair of workout leggings for you! Below I’ve included some thoughts on my favorite joggers and leggings if you’re in the market for some comfortable winter loungewear and athleisure yourself.

Comfortable Winter Loungewear and Athleisure | Rhyme & Reason
Winter Loungewear | Rhyme & Reason

Cashmere Blend Hoodie / Cashmere Blend Joggers (both come in 6 colorways)

Addison Bay leggings | Rhyme & Reason
Addison Bay leggings | Rhyme & Reason
Winter Athleisure Favorites

Leggings (come in 3 colors) / Pullover (comes in 9 colors)

Comfortable Winter Loungewear and Athleisure

I’ve been testing out a few different joggers and have found these joggers to be the absolute best! They come in 13 different colors and are the softest joggers you’ll ever wear! I think the slim but relaxed fit is the most flattering silhouette too – some joggers are too relaxed and come off more like loose sweatpants. Not these!

If you love the jogger set look like me, then I recommend these sets:

M.M. Lafleur Jogger Set: hoodie and joggers

J.Crew Jogger Set: hoodie and joggers

Amour Vert Jogger Set: hoodie and joggers

When it comes to leggings, I’ve become an über fan of the Athleta Elation 7/8 Tight Leggings.

Simply put, they are fantastic in every way. If you want a new pair of leggings, then I definitely urge you to give these a try. You could equate them to the cult favorite Lululemon Align pants but they are a bit more affordable. They are so soft, super supportive, and fit very much true to size. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lululemon align pants but trust me when I say that when you try the Athlete Elation 7/8 Tight Leggings, you’ll never go back! I would recommend these leggings to every single person I know!

I’ve also become a fan of the fun colors and design details on Addison Bay leggings in the last year (as seen in the above photos).

I have two pairs of their leggings – in green and navy – and really love how sleek they are. They feel to me more like performance leggings than lounge leggings, which is great for when I want that. Addison Bay is just a really fun, fresh, young brand in my opinion!

Tuckernuck also released Tnuck Sport last year and I’ve dying to try the line.

Aren’t these gingham detailed high performance leggings adorable? I’m a huge fan of Tory Sport (this fleece jacket, obsessed!) so I’m curious to see if Tuckernuck was able to pull off as strong of a sport line as Tory Burch was.

Lastly, I would be insane not to mention these OV leggings and this OV cloudknit long sleeve top.

Both are massive MVPs in my closet and get worn by me every single week. To be honest, I hate all OV leggings except for these, which I absolutely love! They are incredibly soft with a great high rise fit and strong technical abilities. I can’t live without these guys and really can’t live without OV’s lightweight cloudknit all day long sleeve shirt. I wear it multiple times a week. Trust me when I say this is a must-have perfect, soft, comfortable, easy top to have in your workout of athleisure drawer. If I misplaced my cloudknit shirts, I would order more right there on the spot. That’s how valuable they are to me!

I included a bunch of other wonderful small business brands below to shop for comfortable winter loungewear and athleisure. The options are endless these days but I stand behind all these brands!

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  1. Hi- Do you find that the Amour Vert jogger set runs true to size? There are mixed responses on the reviews and not sure about their size chart.

    1. Hi! I pretty much do think they run true to size! I’m 5’4″ and when I’m not pregnant I’m about 115 lbs and I find that I can do a size S or XS in Amour Vert. I don’t think they are too short like some reviews imply. I hope this helps! Thanks for reading!

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