Classroom Valentines Ideas for children
Classroom Valentines Ideas |

Classroom Valentines Ideas

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I have to admit, I love Valentine’s Day. As a mother, it feels like a sweet excuse to make a winter day feel special and exciting for my boys. I find a lot of joy in highlighting holidays and making them memorable for my kids. There are so many adorable Valentine’s out there now that I simply can’t resist doing them for Rowan and Henry and their preschool classes. I created the below list of classroom Valentines ideas for you to make for or with your children for their friends and classmates. I also love the idea of sitting down with kids and creating homemade cards for school but my boys are still too young for me to get super excited about breaking out lots of paint, glitter, and glue… someday!

There are classroom Valentines ideas for each and every child below depending on what your child loves and the age of your child. Some of my classroom Valentines ideas include snacks, some include toys, and some include activity items. It really depends on what your + your school’s preferences are. My one tip would be to order your Valentines ASAP because customizing them with your child’s name does take a bit of time and Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it. I hope you find this post helpful and it takes Valentines the research (that comes with motherhood) off your plate.

Classroom Valentines Ideas

To assemble your classroom Valentines, I suggest ordering these clear gift bags (pick a size depending on the size of the treat you put inside) and a sweet little ribbon to tie the bags up with.

Rowan is dinosaur obsessed! So, I went with a dinosaur theme again this year and picked out these You’re Dinomite cards (I also adore these You’re T-rific cards) with dinosaur bubbles or dinosaur bath bombs – I need to decide and order that component of the Valentines. You can also make these cards as stickers too, which is really adorable!

Henry is ball obsessed! So, I went with a ball theme this year for his first classroom valentines and picked out these I Get a Kick Out of You cards with soccer stickers or stamps and mini soccer balls. You can also make these cards as stickers!

I selected both cards from HoneyBespoke! She is a mother of three littles who runs her paper business on the side as a creative outlet. I love supporting mothers and women with small businesses in my personal life and love that my blog gives me an additional way to support. She has so many precious customizable Valentines (they can all be done as stickers too!) along with so many other fantastic paper goods. Plus, there’s nothing better than a new Etsy discovery!

Classroom Valentines Ideas |
Classroom Valentines Ideas |

Reward Style Loads

Classroom Valentines Ideas for children
Classroom Valentines Ideas for children

For the dinosaur lover:

You’re Dinomite cards or You’re T-rific cards with dinosaur bubbles or dinosaur bath bombs (this is what I did for Rowan this year! Pst, these cards can also be done as stickers!)

You’re Dinomite cards with dinosaur sticker sheets and/or glow in the dark dinosaurs (this is what I did for Rowan last year)

For the ball lover:

I Get a Kick Out of You cards with soccer stickers or stamps and mini soccer balls (this is what I did for Henry this year! Pst, these cards can also be done as stickers!)

For the train lover:

I Choo Choo Choose You cards with wind up trains (I did these for Rowan two years ago)

For the future veterinarian:

I’m Wild About You cards (they also come in pink) with animal crackers

For the jewelry lover:

You Sparkle cards or You’re a Gem cards with ring pops

For the future astronaut:

You’re Out of this World cards with 3D space stickers and/or glow sticks

For the gardener:

You’re Cute as a Bug cards or If Friends Were Flowers cards or Bugs and Kisses cards with flower seed packets or bug erasures

For the cuddle bear:

Beary Sweet cards with organic gummy bears

For the water bug:

You Float My Boat cards and sea life stamps

For the bubble lover:

Bubbles of Fun cards or You Blow Me Away cards with bubble wands or bubbler jars

For the future pilot:

You Make My Heart Soar cards with mini airplane chocolates or glider planes

For the fashionista:

Only Have Eyes for You cards with heart sunnies or pastel sunnies

For the juice lover:

Sip Sip Hooray cards with Honest juice boxes (variety pack option here) or heart straws

For the fisher:

You’re a Jawsome Friend or You’re a Great Catch with goldfish or Swedish fish

For the construction lover:

You’re Loads of Fun cards with mini construction trucks

For the artist:

You Color My World cards or Paint Your Heart Out cards with watercolor paints (or these for less) or pompom pens

For the outdoors lover:

I Dig You cards with mini shovels and organic gummy worms

For the athlete:

Have a Ball cards You’re a Grand Slam cards or You’re an All Star cards with mini sports balls or with soccer keychains

For the future fireman:

I’m Fired Up to be Your Valentine cards with mini firetruck toys

For the foodie:

You’re the Apple of My Eye cards with organic apple pouches

For the car lover:

You Make My Heart Race cards with mini race cars

For the movie buff:

Poppin in to Say cards with popcorn packets (or these)

For the firecracker:

You’re the Bomb cards with pop rocks

For anyone:

XOXO cards with mini items any child would love like light up bath cubes or play-doh or Hershey kisses or M&M tubes or cookie cutters

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