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Caught My Eye No. 1

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I’m starting a new series on here called ‘Caught My Eye’ full of discoveries I make that really strike my fancy or that I completely fall in love with. It is easier now than ever to find and support small businesses, creatives, and makers and I want this series to be a celebration of that! I will definitely still highlight some more mainstream obsessions I have. But I’m excited to share some of the more niche and unique products, brands, and sites I come across. My favorite part of writing this blog is the connections I form with you, my readers, and with different creative entrepreneurs. This series will allow me to connect with y’all over things that have caught my eye that I have a feeling you’ll love learning about too.

I hope this post or a future ‘Caught My Eye’ post allows you to make a few new discoveries! As always, if you have a business you’re proud to be behind, please please share it with me. I love supporting y’all the way you support me through reading my site. In my Caught My Eye No. 1 post, I’m sharing 5 things I love that I think you will too.

Breck & Grier x Mary & Crew Purse Launch + Caught My Eye No. 1 | Rhyme & Reason

Caught My Eye No.1

A Year at Clove Brook Farm: Gardening, Tending Flocks, Keeping Bees, Collecting Antiques, and Entertaining Friends by Christopher Spitzmiller

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Christopher Spitzmiller at Elizabeth Stuart here in Charleston for a book signing of his first book, A Year at Clove Brook Farm: Gardening, Tending Flocks, Keeping Bees, Collecting Antiques, and Entertaining Friends. I was so excited to get my hands on Christopher’s book after reading about it over the last few weeks and am completely in love with it. I’ve already done a deep dive into the book and I can’t wait to read all the way through it.

In the book, Christopher shares insights into his way of living that really embraces the outdoors, celebrates bringing nature inside, and cherishes the changing of the seasons with entertaining, hosting, collecting, and more. The book is divided into four sections: winter, spring, summer, and fall. From there, the seasons are broken down by month. So he takes a deep dive into every special time of year highlighting flowers in bloom, recipes, tablescape ideas, and more. This book would make a wonderful Mothers’ Day gift or would be a perfect summer hostess gift.

Caught My Eye No. 1 | Rhyme & Reason

Cerebelly Veggie-First, Farm Fresh, Science-Backed Children’s Food

A girlfriend of mine recently shared Cerebelly with me. And I’m so excited about this brand that I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I have mostly been making Rowan’s food myself. But there have been times when I’ve turned to a pouch for ease and for timing sake. I also am realistic and expect that, as we hopefully grow our family down the road, pouches will become even more helpful in our household. Cerebelly was created by Teresa Purzner, a neurosurgeon and mother of three with a PhD in Developmental Neurobiology. She created Cerebelly with her brother and with the help of pediatricians, nutritionists, and food scientists.

The result is delicious, farm-fresh, organic baby food that provides real nutrition for a growing brain and body. I am OBSESSED with how science-based and science-backed this organic food is. Baby brains develop RAPIDLY. And, as parents, one of the best ways I think we can set our littles up for success now is by giving them the nutrition they need. Without additives, extra sugar, etc. With Cerebelly, you answer a few questions about your kiddo online. And Cerebelly recommends a personalized pack of organic products for your specific child. Cerebelly makes me feel really great about feeding Rowan food that isn’t prepared by me!

Cerebelly Veggie-First, Farm Fresh, Science-Backed Children's Food

Breck & Grier x Mary & Crew Bag Collaboration

Today marks the launch of the Breck & Grier x Mary & Crew purse collaboration! I’ve shared Breck & Grier, the charming line of purses and market totes by sister Breck and Grier, a few times with y’all on here in this post and in this guide to small businesses. However, I have to say their purses launching today with Mary & Crew are their cutest yet. Mary & Crew is one of my favorite newer-to-me blogs that I’ve stumbled upon lately! Mary is a literal ray of sunshine with impeccable style. She is also a mother of three and a cancer survivor. As such, Mary is passionate about cancer research. And wanted her collaboration with Breck & Grier to be about more than just a pretty purse.

A portion of all proceeds from the collaboration will be donated to the Breast Cancer Alliance. An organization established to fund research, outreach, and awareness for breast cancer. Scooping up one of these whimsically beautiful purses will brighten your summer wardrobe but also help the future of women’s health. I can’t think of a better combo! The collection launches today at 11am EST.

Breck & Grier x Mary & Crew Bag Collaboration

The Traditional List Launch

The website The Traditional List just recently launched with a mission to deliver a fresh take on classic interiors through inspiring editorial stories, design inspiration, and a carefully curated collection of resources. I read a few home and design sites regularly and this is a new fun one to keep tabs on. What I love the most about The Traditional List and what I think makes it unique is the site’s directory of interior designers to know, artists to love, and retailers to shop. Each industry expert and home brand is characterized by a timelessness that transcends different generations of style. The goal is to help bring readers’ home design visions to life by taking the guesswork out of finding the best of the best. Such a great resource if you’re working on a home!

The Traditional List Launch

QuayL Designs Jewelry

I recently discovered QuayL Designs through one of my favorite online shopping destinations, The Avenue. QuayL Designs is a jewelry line designed by the owner, Kate, in Houston, TX. Kate is a mom of two with a creative spark who decided to channel her energy into creating a beautiful line of jewelry. Her real speciality is earrings! I always gravitate toward earrings because I find earrings to be the easiest piece of jewelry to play around with. And I adore some of her more statement style earrings. These birdcage hoop earrings and these floral stud earrings are two of my current favorites. I’m always so inspired when I see mothers with a passion turn their ideas into small businesses. So I had to share QuayL Designs with you!

QuayL Designs Jewelry

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