A Roundup of the Best Outdoor Wear Brands For Fall

Best Outdoor Wear Brands For Fall

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I love dressing up for fall and winter in embellished sweaters, velvet jackets, faux fur scarves and other beautiful pieces but it’s also the most important time of year to be a practical shopper. There aren’t nearly as many investment pieces in the spring and summer as there are in the fall and winter. I love investing in great coats and boots that I know will last me season after season. The cold weather means that layers are key too. So, I’m sharing the best outdoor wear brands for fall. I have a few brands that I always trust and turn to this time of year. I loved writing this post too because it gives you a glimpse into what I wear casually everyday during autumn and winter, aka this quilted pullover. Enjoy!

A Roundup of the Best Outdoor Wear Brands For Fall

Gloves / Green Coat / Socks / Puffer Vest / Red Coat / Beanie / Quilted Pullover / Scarf / Puffer Coat / Rain Boots / Bean Boots / Fleece Vest

Get the Best Outdoor Wear Brands for Fall look:

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Cozy Fall Outdoor Wear


Patagonia is my favorite all-around outdoor wear brand. I’ve been wearing the brand my whole life and wore it almost every single day in college when I lived in Colorado. Hands down, I think that Patagonia makes the best quilted jackets… this quilted pullover is my all-time favorite. Patagonia also knocks it out of the park with cozy fleeces and vests. I wear my Patagonia clothing as my fall workout clothes because the layers keep me warm outside when I’m being active hiking etc. I sadly lost every single one of my Patagonia jackets except one (that I had with me in the car) on our move across the country. To say that I’m devastated would be an understatement!

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Penfield is another all-around amazing outdoor wear brand. I haven’t been wearing Penfield for as long as Patagonia but their quality is just as trustworthy and their activewear clothing, coats, and jackets are just as durable and cute. I love this red coat, this fleece vest, this hooded jacket, and this color block zip-up (how amazing!).

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L.L. Bean

My mom dressed me in LL Bean boots outfits as a kid when we’d spend time in Wyoming with my grandparents. As an adult, I first started to wear L.L. Bean again when I snagged my first pair of Bean Boots (p.s. read my guide to buying and styling Bean Boots!). L.L. Bean is made with New Englanders in mind so you can guarantee you will be comfortable and warm all fall and winter (as seen on me here and here).

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Barbour is perhaps the most classic outdoor wear brand out there. The British royal family wears Barbour after all! No wardrobe is complete without a Barbour jacket. My personal favorite is the Waxed Beadnell jacket… I have it in sage green and navy. Barbour coats and vests are great pieces to invest in because they will last you season after season and never go out of style, ever. Barbour stays true to their timeless styles and never change based on current trends.

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Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots are such a practical outdoor wear shoe to have in your closet but they are also widely accepted as quite fashionable (which is hard for a rain boot to accomplish!). They are great for the rain, for chilly fall days (as seen on me here and here), and the snow (as seen on me here, here, and here). I like the original tall matte Hunter boots the best but I also think the gloss are super fun and this quilted pair give the boots a high end look. My Hunter Boots were also lost in a package that was shipped during our move… I’m so so sad!

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J.Crew might not be a traditional outdoor wear company by name but I actually get a lot of my cozy fall and winter pieces from the retailer (they are my favorite, after all!). I love the J.Crew short rain boot (also lost in my move, wahh!), accessories (like gloves, beanies, and socks), and their puffer vest.

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Not To Be Missed

There are a few other pieces I wouldn’t suggest missing. This raincoat from Pendleton is a staple if you live in a rainy location + it comes in multiple colors. I also love this quilted purse for an active outdoor wear look. This legging and sweater pair is so cozy, comfortable, and warm that you won’t want to ever take it off. If you live somewhere where staying warm is your top priority, then I suggest investing in a Fjallraven coat. It’s top of the line and will get the job done while still being chic.

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Thanks for reading! Happy outdoor wear shopping!

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