Bean Boots
L.L. Bean Boots and Camp Socks in Jackson Hole

Bean Boots

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
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My love for Bean Boots knows no bounds! L.L. Bean boots are synonymous with fall and winter in America and as such, are a timeless wardrobe staple for many people, including me. No fall or winter wardrobe is complete without a pair! It is my opinion that if you live on the East Coast, in the Midwest, or in the mountains, then you absolutely need a pair. Even in South Carolina, I wear mine more than you’d think! In fact, I love wearing them to the beach in the winter months with my dogs. For me, Bean Boots are a must. They are the ultimate comfortable and practical yet completely cute winter shoe. Bean Boots come in multiple different variations so I composed a guide to help you buy the exact right pair for you. After reading my Bean Boots Style Guide, you’ll be a Bean Boot pro and ready to select your preferred pair of boots!

LL Bean Boots Outfit

Bean Boots are a classically casual look so I’m often wearing them with comfortable, everyday clothing (as seen in this post). Camp socks are a must for me when wearing Bean Boots. I’m also more often than not wearing my Bean Boots with a pair of skinny blue jeans because they tuck into my camp socks and Bean Boots so nicely. When it’s really cold out, comfort is king. So, casual practical LL Bean Boots outfits often win out in my closet!

Bean Boots / Camp Socks / Coat / Jeans / Scarf / Beanie / Long Sleeve Shirt

L.L. Bean Boots and Camp Socks
L.L. Bean Boots and Camp Socks in Jackson Hole
Bean Boots

How To Pick The Best Bean Boots For You


The biggest question you always hear about Bean Boots is about what height to get, 6″ or 8″. My advice is simple, if you live in a place with lots of snow then get the 8″ boots. If you live in a city or in cold place that doesn’t get a ton of snow then go for the 6″ boots. I like to have a little height on my boots so I have the 8″ and I love them (as seen in these photos).


My tip for sizing is a big one. I recommend going down a full size because Bean Boots run large. If you usually wear an 8 in shoes then order a size 7. I typically wear a size 6.5/7 in shoes so I have a size 6 and I’m really happy with them. If you order your regular shoe size in these Boots then the rule of thumb is that you’ll have to wear really thick socks for them to fit properly.


Bean Boots are generally a pretty standard boot in terms of warmth but you can make them really warm and cozy to protect you on super cold winter days. If you know you need extra warmth, then get the Thinsulate, Gore-Tex/Thinsulate, or Shearling-Lined boot style. The Thinsulate and shearling-lined boots cost more but are definitely worth it if you live in a really cold place. Another option is to get the standard boots as well as the shearling inserts to put in on really chilly days.


Bean Boots come in a handful of different colors. I have them in the tan and navy color combo and have never questioned my color choice. I also really like the tan and brown color combo.

How to Style Bean Boots:

As you can see in my photos, I always wear my Bean Boots with a pair of camp socks. I like to mix up the color of my socks so I have a handful of pairs (gray, blue, tan, and red). L.L. Bean sells a version of camp socks that are great but I love the J.Crew camp socks (they comes in 5 colors!).

Camp Socks at Christmas
Camp Socks

Get the Bean Boots look:

Reward Style Loads

I hope this post was helpful for you when selecting the best pair of Bean Boots for you, your closet, and your needs!

Photography by Valorie Darling and Carrie Patterson

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  1. Thank you for reminding me about Bean Boots! I’m always in the group that tries to get them too late each year and then they are sold out. Ordering a pair asap!


  2. I love the look of the bean boots, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Florida makes it hard to justify boots, but I love them so! 🙂 You style them so well!

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