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The Best Resource For Entrepreneurs who Want to Start or Grow their Business | Rhyme & Reason

An Insane Resource For Entrepreneurs

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A truth in the matter of blogging is that many people don’t understand it, think it’s easy, and don’t really understand that a blog is a business. I think about my blog as a way to share my life, be creative, stay engaged, and build a business. I’ve never built a business before and I’ve mentioned on here before that I never pictured myself as a business owner or set out to be an entrepreneur or a business owner.

I got into blogging in college and I’ve never stopped loving it so, now years later, I’m still blogging but it’s turned into a business. I wasn’t in the business school in college (I double majored in history and psychology) and knew literally nothing about starting a business when I did. Everything I know now, I’ve learned along the way and, the truth is, I am still learning so much every day.

I think there is such a learning curve with starting a business and I really wish I had invested in some sort of business schooling a few years ago. I can’t tell you how beneficial it would have been! One of my closest girlfriends recently shared an insane resource for entrepreneurs with me that I initially brushed off (assuming I wouldn’t be able to afford it right now) until she hooked me with the price!

An Insane Resource For Entrepreneurs | Rhyme & Reason

An Insane Resource For Entrepreneurs

As I mentioned above, I wish I’d had invested in some sort of business schooling or business courses to help me with so many aspects of my business like brand strategy, SEO, social media algorithms, content marketing, passive income, email marketing etc. Instead, I’ve watched random YouTube videos here and there, read articles from all over the place, and tried to stay as organized as possible.

The recourse my friend Marissa shared is such a fantastic solution! I know a lot of you have your own businesses, blogs, side jobs etc. So I wanted to spread the love and share it with you as well! I’m working to grow my business every single day so I’m incredibly excited to have so much new knowledge at my fingertips! I’ve also mentioned before that most of my current budget is going toward our house so I’m immensely grateful to be able to have classes to take at a massive discount.

Okay, okay, what’s the resource!?

It’s a curated collection of 32 online courses on entrepreneurship (31 classes + 1 bonus class) that all cover a different topic including how to set up your business legally, branding, content marketing, social media, building a lucrative email list, influencer marketing, PR, and more. It’s appropriately called the Entrepreneurship Bundle. It provides you with all the tools, knowledge, and skills you need to start, run, and/or manage a successful, lucrative, smart business.

The whole course pack costs just under $100 at $99.50! When my girlfriend told me that I literally stopped and clapped, ha! I’m sending a thank you out across the internet to you course creators, wherever you are (the courses are from 32 different experts)! The experts put this together at the discounted rate of $99.50 (instead of $5,568) for 8 days only and then it will never be available again. So, there is some urgency but it’s totally worth it! I can speak from personal experience because my girlfriend was kind enough to let me buy the bundle early! At $5,568, you can see why I’ve never bought a bunch of business or entrepreneurial classes before – they add up so quickly! $99.50 is a price I couldn’t argue against!

The Best Resource For Entrepreneurs who Want to Start or Grow their Business | Rhyme & Reason

Here’s the nitty-gritty scoop you need to know:

Price: $99.50 for the 31 courses + The Everygirl’s ‘How To Land Your Dream Job’ bonus course (instead of $5,568 if you purchased each course individually)

Sale date: From Monday, June 3rd at 8 am EST to Tuesday June 11th at 11:59 pm PST only

Here’s why I purchased the Entrepreneurship Bundle:

1. The affordable price

2. The sheer amount of courses for the price

Of the 32 courses in the Entrepreneurship Bundle, there are a few I feel relatively solid in, two I don’t think I particularly need, and handfuls I know I desperately need! However, even if I only found two topics to be useful, it would still be worth it to me because the price would still be less than if I added up two class prices individually!

The best recourse to use to start or grow a business if you are an entrepreneur | Rhyme & Reason

If you’re like me and working to grow a business, then you might be interested in some of the same courses as me (oh gosh, there are so many I’m diving into!)…

– Beat the Algorithm

– Pindepth: Advanced Pinterest Marketing for Business

– Content Marketing

– Passive Income Powerhouse

– How to Build a Lucrative Email List

– Money Class

– Facebook Ads Masterclass

– PR Accelerator

I hope some of y’all found this post to be helpful and a source of some Monday motivation for you! I love learning about reader jobs and businesses too so always feel free to share them with me! xx

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