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Adorable Items for Dog Lover's | Rhyme & Reason

Adorable Items for Dog Lovers

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Our family wouldn’t be complete without our two dogs, Maybelle and Hopper. Maybelle is our yellow lab. She’s a wild four-year-old who lives to play fetch, has endless energy, is a nervous Nellie, is fiercely loyal, has the most insane appetite, and loves being cozy. Hopper is our white lab. He’s a very fun-loving three-year-old who is really mellow, very floppy, much bigger than he realizes, extremely snuggly, super playful with Rowan, and really friendly. Each one is a quintessential lab in different ways. They love us so much and truly are so excited to see us every time we walk through the door and every day when we wake up. This is especially true of Edwin… they LOVE Edwin!

They have the purest hearts and really embody all the traits that make labs man’s best friend. We love our two fur balls so much! For everyone else who has a dog that completes them or their family, here is a selection of adorable items for dog lovers. From beautiful collectibles to practical dog necessities to the cutest dog beds you ever did see, this post is a mix of all different kinds of adorable items for dog lovers.

A Guide to the Best Dog-Friendly Finds | Rhyme & Reason
Adorable Items for Dog Lover's | Rhyme & Reason

Adorable Items for Dog Lovers

01Dogwood Dog Bed

The cutest dog bed you ever did see. The round wicker basket bed is the perfect addition to your home. The plush removable cushion cover allows for easy cleaning and the ability to switch out covers as you please (there are beautiful cushion covers to choose from!).
Adorable Items for Dog Lovers- Dogwood Dog Bed

02Annie Selke Dog Bed

We have this dog bed in a thinner blue and white stripe and I can’t say enough great things about it. We’ve had it for about 2 years and it has held up so well! The cushion insert is still as sturdy as the the day we go it (our labs have destroyed the inserts of other dog beds). The cover is so easy to take off and pop in the wash too! It’s cute and functional.
Annie Selke Dog Bed

03Liberty Medium Strawberry Thief Dog Bed

Treat your pooch to the prettiest round dog bed in this charming Strawberry Thief print. This dog bed will make your living space look elevated and still pulled together, unlike many dog beds. It is so special because it is an exclusive item designed for Liberty.
Liberty London Medium Strawberry Thief Dog Bed

04Casa Branca Wicker Dog Bed House

The cutest take on a dog house I’ve ever seen! I can just picture a furry friend snuggled up in here for a lazy afternoon nap. Can’t you?
Casa Branca Wicker Dog Bed House

05Crew LaLa Belle Bow Dog Collar

Crew LaLa handmade dog collars are the best. Maybelle has two of their Belle Bow Dog Collars, which is designed with female dogs in mind (she’s wearing one in the above photos!). The bow is removable though so you can dress your pup up with the bow or keep her casual with just the collar.
Crew Lala Belle Bow Dog Collar

06Crew LaLa Bow Tie Dog Collar

Just like the Crew LaLa Bella Bow Collar for female dogs, the Crew LaLa Bow Tie Collar is for male dogs. The Bow is removable so your pup can play hard at the drop of a hat. It comes in so many different prints and patterns too!
Crew LaLa Bow Tie Dog Collar

07Kiel James Patrick Dog Bandana

Muddy paws, blazing trails, windblown fur, setting sail – no matter the adventure, KJP American-made dog accessories can weather the endeavors of even the most venturesome pup.
Kiel James Patrick Dog Bandana

08Veronica Beard Ombre Cotton Rope Dog Leash

Well isn’t this dog leash fun? Talk about packing some personality when walking your dog!
Veronica Beard Ombre Cotton Rope Dog Leash

09Kiel James Patrick Knotty Dog Leash

I love this 100% cotton rope dog leash. It feels authentic for a dog on the go and is just classic.
Kiel James Patrick Knotty Dog Leash

10Kiel James Patrick Dog Collar

This woven dog collar couldn’t be a cuter match with the KJP knotty dog leash. The forrest green colorway is natural, outdoorsy, and great for dogs!
Kiel James Patrick Dog Collar

11Farmhouse Pottery Dog Collar

Handcrafted in the US out of durable vegetable tanned leather and brass, this Farmhouse Pottery piece will make both pets and people happy. Who doesn’t love a classic leather dog collar?
Farmhouse Pottery Dog Collar

12Boo Oh Ray Harness and Leash

An all-in-one, leash and harness, how great! This Boo Oh harness and leash system allows you to attach and detach your pet’s harness in a fluid movement. Designed with thoughtful attention to comfort, utility, and beauty, it is a super chic accessory for pet owners who love to be on the go.
Boo Oh Ray Harness and Leash

13Tricia Lowenfield Blue and White Dog Bowl

I love everything Tricia Lowenfield does so it’s no surprise I adore her dog bowls (it also comes in a smaller size). Entirely hand-drawn, this blue and white dog bowl is a sweet essential for every precious pup.
Tricia Lowenfield Blue and White Dog Bowl

14Farmhouse Pottery Dog Bowl

Let the four legged members of your family dine in style with Farmhouse Pottery’s signature dog bowls (they come in small, medium, and large sizes). All their pottery pieces are wheel thrown in Vermont and meant to last a lifetime.
Farmhouse Pottery Dog Bowl

15Well Appointed House Lucite Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Blue Bowls

This handmade lucite double dog bowl feeder is great for a family with two dogs, like us, or for a two-in-one food and water bowl. This thick lucite dog bowl feeder is modern, sturdy, and super smart looking in a kitchen.
Well Appointed House Clear Double Dog Bowl Feeder with Blue Bowls

16Indigo Home Marigold Collection Dog Bowl

There is so much personality to these hand painted blue and white pet bowls from Indigo Home. They comes in tons of colorways and in small, medium, and large sizes so you can snag the perfect bowl for your unique stylish pup.
Indigo Home Marigold Collection Dog Bowl

17Mason Stoneware Pet Treat Canister

With a beautiful stone-smooth finish and artisanal good looks plus a snug wooden lid, this canister keeps treats fresh and secure without sacrificing your style. Bone appétit pups!
Mason Stoneware Pet Treat Canister

18Dyson V8 Animal Logo

This isn’t adorable but it is extremely practical. We couldn’t live without this vacuum! Our two labs shed like crazy so we use this vacuum every single day. It is incredible for dog hair (designed specifically for it!!!) and is cordless so we can easily vacuum our stairs, which very much accumulate hair.
Dyson V8 Animal Logo

19Orvis Chuckit Sport Launcher

With our labs, we couldn’t live without this Chuckit Sport Launcher! We can throw the ball so much farther when playing fetch with our dogs at the dog park and they really have the opportunity to run and let loose. I don’t think Maybelle’s life would be complete without it.
Orvis Chuckit Sport Launcher

20Orvis Waterfowl Squeaky Dog Toy

This toy is great because our dogs can really ripe apart and destroy toys but this one puts up a fight against our dogs. We love this squeaky bird toy because of how sturdy it is. It’s durable but also a plush toy with a hidden squeaker, which delivers long hours of fun to our dogs.
Orvis Waterfowl Squeaky Dog Toy

21Mod Squad Mutt Dog Gone Good Dog Treats

Our dogs love the organic treats from Mod Squad Mutt! We always have them in our house. They are handmade by a non-profit dedicated to rescuing people and pets. All around great.
Mod Squad Mutt Dog Gone Good Dog Treats

22The Farmer’s Dog Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog worked with top vet nutritionists to create their fresh, convenient pet food service. It is the freshest dog food on the market (you refrigerate it!) and they send it directly to you.
The Farmer's Dog Dog Food

23Herend Frisbee Dog

My bestie, Allison, gifted us this Herend Frisbee Dog as a housewarming gift when she first visited us in our new house and it is and will remain a piece I treasure! Herend, of course, has tons of other dogs to choose from (terriers, jack russells, frenchies, cavaliers, etc.) but I am partial to the abordable labs.
Herend Frisbee Dog

24Simon Pearce Dog

Simon Pearce sets the standard for beautiful handcrafted glass blowing in America. His perfect little pure glass dog is a gorgeous ode to canine companionship.
Simon Pearce Dog

25Bauble Stockings Woodland Frolic Stocking

Bauble Stockings are a family tradition, where the final gift of Christmas, or a clue to it, is found in your Bauble Stocking. It isn’t the most expensive gift, but it is the most thoughtful, and always makes you feel so loved. Every dog lover will cherish this Bauble Stocking holiday season after holiday season!
Bauble Stockings Woodland Frolic

26Bauble Stockings Woodland Frolic Coordinating Scavenger Hunt Clues

Bauble Stockings Scavenger Hunt Clues add a fun touch to the final gift of the season! Hints, locations, or riddles, you and the recipient will have a blast on this treasure hunt. This set comes with 85 blank coordinating clue cards so the sky is the limit!
Bauble Stockings Woodland Frolic Coordinating Scavenger Hunt Clues

27Pip & Roo Yellow Lab Needlepoint Canvas

Pip & Roo designs the most timeless, all-American needlepoint canvases like this perfect yellow lab canvas (psst, they have a black lab too!). I stitched this yellow lab canvas and am having it finished into an ornament. Pip & Roo has other dog and animal canvases too if labs don’t fit your family.
Pip & Roo Yellow Lab Needlepoint Canvas

28Mary Frances Maker Brass Pointer Ornament

This brass ornament would look so dashing on a Christmas tree! I think it would catch light from Christmas tree lights beautifully and really glow during the holiday season. Who doesn’t love a pointer dog too?
Pointer Mary Frances Maker Brass Ornament

29Cedar Street Stationery Staffordshire Notecards

Have you ever seen a more cheerful stationery set for dog lovers? This Cedar Street Stationery set comes with 20 notecards with envelopes and personalization is available (they say “available,” I say “encouraged!”). Dogs in party outfits with cocktails… completely charming and unabashedly cute!
Cedar Street Stationery Staffordshire Notecards

30Good Dog: True Stories of Love, Loss, and Loyalty

Inspired by Garden & Gun magazine’s popular “Good Dog” column, this book a rich collection of true stories celebrating the unique relationship between humans and their canine companions, penned by some of today’s top writers. When in doubt, this is a great gift to have in your back pocket for dad.
Good Dog: True Stories of Love, Loss, and Loyalty

31Antique Staffordshire Spaniel Dogs

I always admire a pair of antique Staffordshire Dogs displayed prominently on a living room mantle. These graced the mantels of most 19th century English homes and remain popular today. This pair was made circa 1860 and will give your house an extra dose of personality.
Antique Staffordshire Spaniel Dogs

32Garden & Gun Sporting Dog Decanter Set

This handsome set of decanter and glasses features an elegant sporting dog design by renowned artist Richard E. Bishop. A gorgeous, practical set to give or receive for an at-home bar.
Garden & Gun Sporting Dog Decanter Set
Adorable Items for Dog Lovers | Rhyme & Reason
Adorable Items for Dog Lovers | Rhyme & Reason
The cutest brands for dogs | Rhyme & Reason
The cutest brands for dogs | Rhyme & Reason
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