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Thank goodness it’s Friday. I thought I’d never see the day come! I don’t know what the deal was with this workweek but it seemed to take forever. Nothing earth shattering happened at work, I had fun dinners and things (including a lovely facial) planned after work this week, and I saw some of my favorite people this week, yet it dragged on. It was just one of those weeks! Having said this, I’m very excited for a long holiday weekend. My biggest plans include going wine tasting in Malibu… hallelujah! I’m also planning to see The Theory of Everything and I’m planning a lunch date at Fred’s. Other than that, I’m surprised and happy to announce that I don’t have a weekend that reflects my last highlighted link below (number 7). Cheers, loves!

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1. The New York Times just released their list of the top 52 places to visit in 2015. Where is my suitcase? Where is my vacation? Were is my passport? I’m ready to go! (nytimes.com)

2. Note to self: buy one of these adorable Kate Spade swimsuits now to be ready for spring. I love the prints, love the bows, and love the black & white. (katespade.com)

3. Lauren Conrad’s “7 Days to Skinny Jeans” workout schedule. See highlight #2 for motivation. (laurenconrad.com)

4. A teen’s perspective on social media… it’s super accurate. (medium.com)

5. How to get a sexy, loose bun in a few easy steps. (thisisglamorous.com)

6. Thoughts on living with your boyfriend, husband, partner etc. Emily and Geoffrey are so stinking cute. (cupcakesandcashmere.com)

7. Read this first (hysterical and too true) then read this. I’ve been here before. I have said I need to chill out. I’ve found it almost impossible to not be in this situation! (newyorker.com and manrepeller.com)

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