Jillian Eversole with her son Rowan in their Charleston home

5 Life Updates May 2021

Charleston, South Carolina
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When I typed out the title of this post, I typed “5 Life Updates May 2020” instead of “5 Life Updates May 2021.” Woof, that is how I feel about the year since last May. I know I’m far from alone in that! It’s wild to think that last May we were still on official lockdown and this May it feels like life is BUSY. As such, I wanted to share some life updates with y’all on how things are going in our little world here in Charleston.

5 Life Updates May 2021

Jillian Eversole with her son Rowan in their Charleston home | 5 Life Updates May 2021

Eyelet Dress (old: similar, similar + this dress for a major eyelet moment) / Seersucker Romper on Rowan

I’m Attempting to Find a Balance between my Motherhood Bubble at Home and the Social World

Spoiler alert, it’s hard (for me!). Since the world has drastically opened up more this spring, I’ve had days or weeks on end where I’ve felt like I was thriving on the buzz of life and other times where I’ve felt like I’m in over my head with the pace of life. I think I’m still getting used to living life like it’s 2019 after the quiet of 2020. I also think that becoming a mother during 2020 made it so I didn’t have to make many attempts to balance motherhood with my life outside of motherhood. Now that life is kicking into gear, I’m experiencing what it is like to strike a balance between myself as a mother, a wife, an individual, a friend, a self-employed person, and an all around pretty social person.

I am finding this to be rather difficult as every day I seem to feel differently.

I truly identify as a mother first and foremost. But I also really don’t want to let other parts of me go. So, I’ve made efforts to not let that happen. Edwin is really supportive of this and is always more than willing and excited to stay home with Rowan so I can go out to dinner with my girlfriends. This makes a big difference! I feel like I still say no to a lot of things and I try to pick and choose what I’m doing and who I’m doing it with when it requires me to be away from Rowan. However, I really do believe I’m a better mother to him when I have some time away, even if that is just an hour long drink with a girlfriend.

It is hard to strike a balance without other childcare options… something I’ve been thinking a lot about for the future. Are any of you mothers feeling the same way and feeling a bit overwhelmed with finding a balance as our worlds become busy again?

We Took a Vacation

And my oh my was it the best! We went to Harbour Island at the beginning of May with friends and had the most marvelous time. We booked Coral House and loved everything about the wonderful home. It is a truly special place that my girlfriend Chassity and her husband have created! I would 10/10 recommend it to anyone looking for a house to stay in on the island. I need to write a post about our trip because it is one that will stick with me for a long long time.

My parents watched Rowan so we all had a kid + baby-free trip. And it was really wonderful to spend a few days in literal paradise with some of my favorite people and no baby schedules. It was also really wonderful seeing Rowan have the best undivided, quality time with his grandparents. I also have a whole new perspective on vacations ending. It used to feel like the biggest bummer in the world, but, I have to tell you, I was so excited to see Rowan’s little face that heading home felt just as exciting to me as heading out on our vacation. It really was a win win for everyone and a magical few days I won’t soon forget!

Designing the Final Two Rooms in our House

I am making serious progress on furnishing the final two rooms in our house, our dining room and our living room. The only other room that we haven’t designed/furnished is our guest room. It is furnished with old furniture we’ve owned for years. And will stay this way until it one day becomes a kid’s room for Rowan (if we are fortunate enough to grow our family and welcome another little baby into the nursery). So, for now, I say we’re almost done designing and furnishing our house. (Much of which was done with my talented friend Olivia!) After these two rooms, there are shelves to be filled in, art to be hung, collections to be nurtured, and so on.

I think a house is really never done because it grows and evolves with us in it. I am thrilled to be nearing a finish line with our house though as we’ve taken our time and gone room by room. We are waiting on a backordered sofa and chair for our living room. And for chairs to be finished for our dining room. Then, I’m in the market for a buffet of sorts for the dining room, a side table or two for the living room, and a tv console for the family room. (This room is technically done but we still don’t have a tv console and it drives me nuts.) I will definitely share more! I’ve had fun doing these final rooms myself and am loving seeing them come together. Both rooms are a mix of old and new. I really love the feeling I’m getting from both!

Rowan Turns 8 Months Old

Rowan will be 8 months old next week. How is this possible!? He is closer in time to being a toddler than he is to being a newborn. I’m going to share a post on Rowan next week because he is as scrumptious as ever right now! I really feel like he is a piece of my heart outside of my body, oof! He is just the best. I know he has so much growing and developing he’s going to do this summer before he turns 1 in September. I am just so excited to be his mom and to watch him grow!

Consigning My Closet

I recently did a massive overhaul of my closet and got rid of a ton of stuff! I donated some of my items but I’m also consigning a lot of them. I’ve consigned online before and had a lot of success. But I honestly needed a place I could take my stuff the minute I finished purging to get it out of my house. I wanted immediate satisfaction from the task of cleaning out my closet! If you live in the Charleston area, I took my items to Ensemble Consignment so you can shop my closet there. They just relocated to King Street so they are an easy-to-pop-into destination. They are the sweetest in Ensemble. And took my items with open arms to sell or to donate (what they don’t want). I highly recommend consigning with them if you’re looking for a consignment shop here.

Reward Style Loads

There you go! A few life updates from this month! I’ll be back in June for another mini life check-in. xx

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