5 Life Updates March 2024 | JillianEversole.com
5 Life Updates March 2024 | JillianEversole.com

5 Life Updates March 2024

Charleston, South Carolina
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How in the world is it already March? I am in DISBELIEF. 2024 is flying by. I say this every year but every year I continue to be shocked by this feeling. March is baby due date month for us so I feel like our house is all a flutter! I am in overdrive trying to get things done but also listening to my body and trying to rest and not overextend myself. My pregnancy insomnia is out of control so I wouldn’t say I am rested but I am getting into bed earlier and putting my feet up.

All very exciting stuff. Our 5 life updates March 2024 are a smattering of things: of course, the arrival of baby #3, Rowan and Henry’s transition to sharing a room, Rowan turns 3 1/2 years old this month, I’m thinking ahead to a spring 2025 trip (would love feedback!), and the joy in creating Easter baskets. What is new with you? I feel like March is when life really starts to pick up and everyone is abuzz!

5 Life Updates March 2024 | JillianEversole.com
5 Life Updates March 2024 | JillianEversole.com

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5 Life Updates March 2024 | JillianEversole.com

5 Life Updates March 2024

The Arrival of Baby 3

It goes without saying that our biggest life update this month will be the arrival of our third baby! We have about two weeks to go and our entire family is counting down the days! I am incredibly excited to meet our little baby and also can’t wait to not be pregnant any longer! The excitement, anticipation, and butterflies are all building. So very ready for our spring baby and to grow our family again.

Rowan & Henry Are Sharing a Room

We actually made this big transition in February but I didn’t do a 5 life updates post in February so here we are. Our house is 3 bedrooms so we moved Henry into Rowan’s big kid room and the nursery is staying the nursery. We decided to do this transition in February instead of right now because we wanted to have plenty of time to settle into the change before diving into the larger transition of having a newborn in our house. It has gone incredibly well! The boys shared a room all last summer when we were traveling and they loved it so I wasn’t worried. The bigger transition has been that we moved Rowan into a twin bed and out of his crib.

What it’s like so far:

He was making 0 attempts to climb out of his crib but we decided that it would probably be coming sometime between now and September, when he turns 4. So we just bit the bullet and did it. Bedtime has gone great! Some nights he never gets up out of his bed after we tuck him in and leave the room. Other times, he comes out multiple times but once he is settled, he stays in his room all night long. Nap time has been more challenging – since he’s not stuck in his crib and kind of forced to fall asleep anymore, he went from maybe 2 days a week of not napping and just playing in his crib to now maybe only 2 days a week of actually napping.

We are encouraging quiet time though (Henry is sleeping in Rowan’s big kid room at night but we’ve kept his naps in the nursery for now, while we can). Overall, I feel like it has been a successful transition. There is always so much hoopla around transitions with littles and I find that they are never as dramatic as they are made out to be.

Rowan Turns 3 1/2 Years Old

Rowan will turn 3 1/2 years old the week I’m set to have the baby. He is so big! I keep saying “I can’t believe Rowan is going to turn 4 on his next birthday!” To which, Edwin responds “yes but that is in September so you can calm down.” Haha! I need the grounding reminder! I can’t believe he used to be my newborn baby. And now he is a big, inquisitive, smart, rambunctious, goofy little boy, about to be a big brother for the second time.

I absolutely adore the boy he is growing up to be. I was looking back at photos of him from March of 2022, right before I had Henry, and he was just a little 17-month-old boy. So I burst into tears looking at him at that age because my heart hurt so much thinking about how I will never get that version of him back.

Spring 2025 Trip

I think I’ve mentioned this on here before but, the week after I gave birth to Henry in the spring of 2022, I booked a trip for Edwin and me to take exactly one year later (so in the spring of 2023). Edwin and I went to Gasparilla Island and THRIVED. It is great getting time away from kids and great missing your kids. When I booked the trip, I was in the early days of postpartum and thought to myself “in some ways, I am missing spring this year. So, next year, I want to have something booked to look forward to.” It was the raging hormones talking but I thanked myself later. It was the BEST decision!

Since we booked the trip so far out in advance, we kind of forgot about it. And then, when the trip arrived, we were thrilled! All this to say, I’d love to book a trip for the spring of 2025 with Edwin or with Edwin and friends! Somewhere warm. I don’t have a set place in mind like I did when I booked Gasparilla. So, I’d love ideas! Maybe we return to Gasparilla or do we save that for a trip to take with the kids? Anywho, share your ideas for us! I’m going to do a poll on Instagram too!

Easter Baskets

Easter is a week and a half after our due date so I am thinking ahead now at the beginning of the month about our Easter Sunday. I love the joy in Easter baskets. I liken them to filling a Christmas stocking. You can put in fun little items as well as a more meaningful item or two but I love that nothing is big and bulky. I find things like easter baskets to be creatively fulfilling! I’ve been updating my Easter Shop everyday but here are a few Easter baskets I love: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven + this sash with appliqué is precious to add to any basket!

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5 Life Updates March 2024 | JillianEversole.com
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