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5 Life Updates March 2022

Charleston, South Carolina
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I exclaimed to my mom yesterday that I feel like March is going to be over in one minute! This month is already flying by and I find myself simultaneously holding onto Rowan extra tight as I soak up our final weeks as a family of three. As well as getting more and more excited + anxious for our second baby to make us a family of four next month. Spring has been beautiful in Charleston so far. So I think that is adding to the quick pace with which this month is flying by. Every month feels busy but I have 5 Life Updates March 2022 that are marking these few weeks for us…

A quick trip to Palm Beach this week (I’m soooooo excited!) Prepping + nesting + ordering for baby #2 (my list of what I’m getting is below). A big childcare update and change for our family. And two developmental milestones for my little Rowan that are making life so fun and full right now!

5 Life Updates March 2022 | Rhyme & Reason
Beautiful needlepoint canvases to stitch for spring and summer | Rhyme & Reason

Needlepoint Canvas / Dress (I sized up 1 size since I’m pregnant but that might not have even been necessary)

5 Life Updates March 2022

Quick Trip to Palm Beach

At the end of this week, my mom, Rowan, and I are taking a quick trip to Palm Beach! I’m so excited to pop down to Florida! I love love love Florida so any excuse to get down there is a win in my book. This will be my last bout of travel before having our second baby next month. This trip came about rather last minute and is accomplishing three things…

1) I am renewing my Global Entry and TSA Pre-check.

Mine has expired. And traveling without it with a child is not fun when you are used to traveling with it. I can get my TSA Pre-check renewed here. But there is nowhere in the state of South Carolina that does Global Entry. I’ve been keeping my eyes on places we travel to frequently. Places we knew we’d be traveling to, and regional places that are semi-close to get it taken care of. Everywhere is so incredibly backup up (I’m assuming it is somehow Covid related). So I haven’t been able to get in for my renewal appointment in person. When Edwin and I did our renewal applications, we both got approved. But need to go in for an in-person appointment as part of it.

My mom’s renewal application did not require the in-person step. And was renewed on the spot… not sure what this means but wish me luck, ha! Anywho, I just looked and saw that Miami opened up a few random times and jumped at it. I know that if I don’t get this taken care of before baby 2 arrives that it will be months and months before it gets handled. So, we are flying into Miami so I can do my appointment. And then driving to Palm Beach from there. Very exciting life stuff here!

2) On a more exciting front, in Palm Beach my mom has a dress fitting for her mother-of-the-bride dress she is wearing to my sister’s wedding later this year!

She had been meaning to get down there. So we combined our two reasons for going to Florida. A win, win!

3) Fun!

We’re just going to have a really nice bit of fun! I’m excited to enjoy a little special time with Rowan somewhere beautiful before we travel again with two children in the future.

Prepping, Nesting, and Ordering for Baby #2

This month I’m starting to get my ducks in a row for the arrival of Baby #2! I feel like we have so much of what we need from when Rowan was a newborn and baby. But there are a few things we need doubles of. And a few things I’d love this go around knowing what I know now.

The biggest thing I’ve done so far is order and schedule our Snoo rental. We rented the Snoo for Rowan and LOVED it. We are definitely Snoo people. Renting it was fantastic because we didn’t have to store it. And just sent it back when we transitioned Rowan to his crib. It was a breeze and we think it worked wonderfully with Rowan. So, the Snoo rental has been successfully rented again for baby 2! In addition, I ordered this beautiful diaper bag that I am absolutely in love with. And this double travel stroller for when we travel with two or go on big outings. (My girlfriend gave it rave reviews!) The new baby will go in our infant car seat that we already have and will use our Doona too.

Other than that, I have made a list of what I need to order. I’ll be placing the orders throughout this month.

Here’s where my head is at:

A second Nanit monitor

A second wipes dispenser

A second diaper pail (and another box of diaper pail bags)

A second Olli Ella changing basket (also love this one)

A second sound machine (we also have and love this one)

A second car seat mirror

A second car window sun shade

An Artipoppe carrier – people rave about these specific carriers so I’d love to try one with this baby

A DockATot (also available here) – we didn’t have one with Rowan. And I wish we had so I’m definitely getting one for this baby

Moms of multiples, what am I missing or forgetting to double up on? P.S. For more registry related info, read my registry essentials list.

Rowan’s Language Explosion

Rowan has taken his time a bit more on the walking developmental front. But his verbal development has really exploded in the last two months I would say. He says so many words I can’t keep track at this point and it is so much fun to witness. He loves learning new words, identifying things, and mimicking words back to us. I would describe Rowan as a full-on chatterbox. When he starts talking, he just chat chat chats. He loves chatting with us. He has little convos (sounds with baby talk with some real words sprinkled in) with his stuffed animals. And will say “hi” or “bye” to anyone within earshot. He has recently started to say “please” and “thank you,” which is absolutely adorable.

He has always been a really social child who loves people. So the fact that his language has developed faster than some of his physical development hasn’t surprised me. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the day when he says “I love you” whenever that may be. (Might be months and months away still.) I don’t know if my heart will be able to handle it!

Rowan is Walking

Rowan is 17 months and has started to stand and walk solo on his own! He has been walking while holding onto a finger or a hand for a while now. But just in the last few weeks, he’s been getting up and walking distances by himself. He gets so proud of himself! Let me tell you, as a parent, it is an absolute joy and pleasure to watch your child be proud of him or herself. We’ve really been working on his walking with lots of practice, encouragement, and positive reinforcement. He isn’t consistently walking all the time – he still loves to crawl – but he’s made so much progress lately!

I wanted to include Rowan’s walking milestone in here because while I think I’ve remained pretty relaxed about it, there have been moments when I’ve been a bit emotionally stressed about each month passing and still no walking.

I know it is normal not to walk until 18 months. But sometimes parents just need a little positive reinforcement and encouragement ourselves. So, if your kiddo isn’t the first one out of the gates with walking, that’s okay. You’re not alone. All children develop at different paces and some hit physical strides before verbal strides and vice versa. (+ so many other strides!) I try not to compare my child to others and just focus on the fact that he is a happy well-adjusted boy who will walk when he is ready.

My goal has been to support and encourage him. Make him feel safe and confident with walking, and to just soak up all of his wonderfulness. Who knows, our second baby could be attempting steps at 10 months. Or could be taking his or her first steps at 18 months. As long as my child is happy and healthy, then I am happy.

Childcare Update

We have a major childcare update this month! Rowan currently goes to preschool 3 mornings a week, which is my only set time away from him. My parents help out a lot when they are in town. And we have a nighttime sitter for when we go out with friends who is fantastic but otherwise it has just been me.

I don’t get a fraction of the work I’d like to get done finished ever or on time. But I have an incredible time with Rowan, which has been my priority the last 17 months. However, with our second baby coming next month, Edwin and I decided that we would be really fortunate if we got some additional help so I can still have some time to work. And so I can have time to spend with and bond with the new baby like I did when Rowan joined our family.

I’ve found finding childcare to be one of the most stressful and time-consuming aspects of parenting so far. But I am so excited that we have found someone amazing to be with us 2.5 days a week starting this month. Rowan took to her immediately – literally within minutes! – and Edwin and I got the best feeling right away from our initial conversation with her. We feel really happy with our decision and really grateful to have found her!

5 Life Updates March 2022 | Rhyme & Reason 3
Beautiful needlepoint canvases to stitch for spring and summer | Rhyme & Reason

My t-shirt dress is from one of my favorite effortlessly perfect brands, Kule. I just adore their t-shirts and their shirt dresses!

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  1. Do you mind sharing what general steps you took to find childcare help? We’re newer to our city and I am so overwhelmed by this!

    1. Absolutely! I did a few things: 1) I sent out a big email to my local network of friends to ask if anyone had any leads 2) I researched local nanny agencies 3) I use a local CHS nanny Facebook group (which is how we actually found our nanny!). I hope this is helpful! Best of luck – finding childcare is so challenging! xx

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