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How to pick a preschool for your baby | Rhyme & Reason

5 Life Updates June 2021

Charleston, South Carolina
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June 2021, have we met? Wow, where did this month go? Here are 5 life updates from June 2021, the month that came and went before I even blinked. We’ve had spurts of travel this month and spurts of time at home, which I think has made the month fly by. We were going to be heading out of town again this week for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday but it looks like we’ll be staying put. I really wanted to make the trip but once it became clear that it didn’t make the most sense, I felt a lot of joy about the prospect of spending some solid time at home. Keep reading for 5 more life updates (that are slightly more exciting than our cancelled travel plans, ha!).

5 Life Updates June 2021

5 Life Updates June 2021 | Rhyme & Reason
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Dress (more here, similar, similar, similar) / Rowan’s Bauble (similar, similar) / Quilt / Sheets / Shams (all bedding 15% off with code JILLIAN15)

Wedding Season Is Here

As I mentioned in this post, we are incredibly busy this summer with weddings. June kicked our summer wedding season off with a bang! We had multiple weddings and bachelor/bachelorette weekends between Edwin and me. So many that we weren’t able to attend them all but we did our best to celebrate those we love and to be in as many places as possible! We have a break from weddings and wedding related events in July until they pick back up again in August. So far, based on our summer 2021 wedding season, everyone is excited to be gathering and is ready to party! Buckle up if you’re heading to weddings this summer!

Stair Runner

We’re considering putting in a stair runner. We live in a traditional Charleston single house so our house is narrow but tall. We have three floors in our house so we go up and down stairs all day long. The very top stretch of stairs is steep and uneven – classic Charleston. As we get closer to Rowan learning how to walk, we’re starting to consider what it will look and feel like to live in a house with stairs and a toddler. A stair runner feels like a safe addition to our house (a pretty and comfortable one too!).

Last week, I pulled rug samples and now we are considering everything – thickness of the rug, shade of the rug (we don’t want it too light as it will show dirt – don’t forget we have 2 labs!), rug material and texture, comfort of the rug on our feet (+ toddler feet!), pattern of the rug against the wallpaper in our stairway, etc. There feels like a lot to consider and we want to get it right! If you have any tips on installing a stair runner, then let me know. I’m all ears!

Bedding Refresh

I gave our bed a refresh for summer by switching out our heavy comforter for a beautiful summer quilt. I also switched my favorite sheets back on to our bed and I’m truly sleeping better than ever. In fact, I had a few weeks where I wasn’t sleeping well because I was waking up hot every single night. The quilt was a game-changer. I love the smart, fresh, classic look of a quilt on a bed too. The basketweave quilt set we have is a dream! Use code JILLIAN15 for 15% off your order of everything on the site. It’s their best sale offer of the entire month so act fast before June ends to take advantage of the discount!

Mother Daughter Weekend

At the beginning of June, My best friend, Allison, and her mom came to Charleston for a mother daughter weekend with my mom and me. We had a BLAST! We had a jam packed weekend that consisted of a 1-night staycation at The Dewberry for my mom and I (we couldn’t resist joining our friends for a night!), meals at Delaney Oyster House, Basic Kitchen, 167 Raw, Post House, and The Obstinate Daughter. Shopping downtown, a beach walk on Sullivan’s, a bbq at my parents’ house, garden tours with the CHS Garden Society, lots of laughs, and more!

We Picked A Preschool for Rowan

There is one traditional preschool near us that starts kids younger than a twos program. We toured it this month and couldn’t have loved it more! Rowan is a social baby who loves people, going on outings, and exploring his surroundings. So far, he is really comfortable in new situations and surroundings. So, we think he would love starting preschool this fall around when he turns one. The preschool is close to our house, is beyond precious, has a 2-1 student teacher ratio (8 kiddos and 2 teachers per classroom), has a wonderful yard and outdoor play area, has a school philosophy we believe in, and has amazing teachers and school co-directors.

All around, we couldn’t have loved our school tour more and are so excited for Rowan to make new friends and start exploring more of this world in a few months. He’s going to be in amazing hands a few mornings a week and I think he’ll have a genuine blast. I met 3 of my 4 best lifelong friends in preschool so I know better than anyone that true friendships can be made at an early age before we even have memories of them.

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  1. Can you share which school you got him into? We live SOB and have had trouble finding places to send our daughter (under 2).

    Thank you!

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