5 Life Updates January 2024 | JillianEversole.com
5 Life Updates January 2024 | JillianEversole.com

5 Life Updates January 2024

Charleston, South Carolina
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New year, new updates. Today’s post, 5 life updates January 2024, is a little look into the first month of the year for us. January is generally a slow month, for good reason and to everyone’s relief (more January mindset thoughts here). We’ve been soaking up the quieter pace of January in our house but are still busy bees. Two toddlers and one on the way will keep anyone busy. I always have that third trimester excitement and energy too that propels me forward and calls me to get things checked off the life list.

So, my 5 life updates January 2024 consist of little updates for my boys (Henry is becoming our newest chatter box!), a pregnancy update, nesting projects around our house, and two final trips before I won’t be traveling anymore. It has been a great month that hasn’t wizzed by but that I also can’t believe is almost over. Would you agree?

5 Life Updates January 2024 | JillianEversole.com
5 Life Updates January 2024 | JillianEversole.com

Tory Burch Dress (multiple years old – similar) / J.Crew Turtleneck (old – similar) / Loeffler Randall Boots / Chanel Purse (similar)

On Rowan: Baybala Sweater (on sale) / Boden Pants / Veja Sneakers

On Henry: Ten Little Sneakers

Pregnant mom and two sons
5 Life Updates January 2024 | JillianEversole.com

5 Life Updates January 2024

30 weeks

I am officially almost 31 weeks! Baby 3 will be here before we know it so it feels like the excitement is building around our house and the butterflies are starting to buzz around my stomach. On the flip side, the relief is also there that I know the baby has made it far enough along that if anything happened and he/she came early, that he/she would most likely be okay (the things we think about as mothers). For the longest time, the gender felt like an obtuse aspect of this pregnancy but, now that we are nearing the finish line of my pregnancy, we are starting to wonder and talk a lot more about what life would look like with a third son or what life would look like with a daughter.

From the moment we told the boys we were having a 3rd baby, Rowan was convinced it was a girl and would even correct us if we said “the baby” by stating “you mean the baby girl.” About a month ago, he did a complete 180 and now is convinced that he is getting another little brother so he can have “boys night forever” whenever I’m not home (his words, not mine! Lord help me!). Edwin and I go back and forth and usually think the opposite of each other so we are always balanced out. You get what you get! We’re praying for a healthy, happy baby and the rest is in God’s hands.

I have all my big appointments behind me and, while I still have a lot of appointments left (I always forget how much you go at the end!), I only have one more ultrasound left (as of now) so the waiting and nesting game is on. 


Edwin and I flew the coup and headed up to the city for a quick long weekend babymoon yesterday! It has been too long since we have been to New York together so I am so excited to be taking the trip. We have some plans but are mostly keeping our days open and fluid to just take the city as it comes. I’m particularly excited because there is snow on the ground and the city is expecting more snow while we are here! 

The plans we do have: dinner at Polo Bar, dinner at Monkey Bar, seeing “& Juliet” on Broadway, visiting the Matisse exhibit at The Met, and a visit to the Soane showroom. Other things we have in mind are a snowy walk through Central Park, lunch at JG Melon, drinks at Bemelmans, drinks at Melody’s Piano Bar, a pop into the Antiques Winter Show, and some shops I’m longing to visit. We’re just taking the days as they come and staying uptown on this trip. as that is where we are staying. I just want to walk, enjoy the city, and soak up time together.


I haven’t traveled since October and have now had two back to back weekend trips. Last weekend, my mom and I spur of the moment decided to fly to Nashville for the Antiques & Garden Show. My mom quite literally called me the day before and asked if I’d like to go. Sometimes the least planned plans are the most exciting! Nashville is SUCH an easy trip from Charleston with a quick direct flight. We went there and back in a day and truly made use of every moment. The show is much larger than our Charleston antiques show so it was really enjoyable to see so many exquisite items from around the country and around Europe. My mom and I each came home with a few treasures as well as loads of inspiration.

I love the perfect little antique step stool I found for Rowan to use to climb onto the bed in his room. I also am completely smitten with the antique 1880s French hand painted opaline box I found and brought home for me. My last special find was a gorgeous woolie to hang in Rowan’s room – the colors are beautiful and not faded. It is in tremendous condition and I’m so excited about it! An antique woolie is something I’ve wanted for Rowan’s room for some time now. 

Nesting Projects

I am knee deep in all things nesting! As with my previous pregnancies with Rowan and Henry, I absolutely have a case of the classic third trimester pregnancy need to nest and tackle all the projects. I’m working on finally finishing our dining room and Rowan’s room (soon to be Rowan and Henry’s room when the baby comes) to the way I’ve envisioned them but never pulled the trigger on. I’m doing other things too like painting our sheds, having wallpaper repaired in a part of our stairwell, organizing drawers and cupboards in our house. It feels great! Nothing like having a baby to kick you into gear. I’m excited to show some before and afters of our dining room and the boys’ room when I’m further along. Our March due date is sneaking up so time is of the essence.

Henry’s Language

Henry’s language is really taking off and we are all enjoying it so much! He’s 21 months and starting to say so many new words, starting to string words together to make little phrases, and repeating words back to us a ton when we prompt him. Rowan is loving teaching Henry new words, although he tends to go for big ones, “Say rhinoceros, Henry!” or “Say magician, Henry!” – it is hysterical. Henry said “I love you Mommy” for the first time unprompted last week and I CANNOT STOP THINKING ABOUT IT.

When he says it, it is a little indiscernible to someone who isn’t used to communicating with a 21-month-old all day long but it is clear as day to me. I’m just overcome with it. A golden moment for a mother. If only he could grasp just how strongly I feel that love just isn’t close to a big enough word to describe the way I feel about him and his brother. My boys. The biggest love and moments like the first “I love you mommy!” are the icing on the cake that is motherhood.

Little boys cute outfits
5 Life Updates January 2024 | JillianEversole.com

Shopping Notes:

The sneakers Henry is wearing in the photos in this post are my favorites (true to size). They are so sturdy and have kept up their quality famously. I cannot recommend them enough. The brand was a discovery by my mom and I am grateful. They come in a ton of colors too so you can snag a pair in your little’s favorite color + a classic neutral color. I want to check them out in canvas as well when it’s warm out.

I must call attention to the sweater Rowan is wearing in this post too because it is on sale (true to size). The colors lend themselves beautiful to spring and blooming nature as well. It’s hard to tell in the photos but the stripe color is a light blue so this sweater could be worn by your boys now all the way up to summer. I love a year round sweater.

Rowan’s pants are fantastic too. Both my boys have them and, I’d say, they are definitely true to size. They are a great easy play pant to throw on that is more than a sweat or a legging.

Speaking of Tory Burch (I’m wearing an old Tory Burch dress above), I found a few Tory dresses on big time sale that are beautiful for the coming seasons. This shirtdress (I have this silhouette from a few years ago and still adore it!), this smocked dress (I also have this silhouette from honestly probably 8 years ago and still wear it!), this midi dress (in my cart!), this eyelet dress, this halter dress, and this flared dress – all style steals in my opinion.

Amanda Lindroth

Amanda Lindroth is offering 30% off sitewide so it’s a brilliant time to refresh staples like your table linens (I’m going to get some new napkins and am currently mulling over which of these three to get: one, two, three) or glassware (these are always a favorite of mine) as well as a perfect time to grab something fun like a new picture frame to display a recent family photo in or a new table lamp or two because this home trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

A final Amanda Lindroth note: my mom and I are constantly swapping this ice bucket back and forth as it is so versatile and sturdy. I highly recommend adding it to your entertaining arsenal, especially now while 30% off.

This is such a great mid-weight jacket on sale.

Valentine favorites I shared this week that y’all seem to love as much as I do: our mini heart waffler maker (aka the biggest crowd pleaser and and under $10!), my sweet heart socks, and heart pajamas for littles (my boys have been living in these).

P.S. This is the Valentine pajama I love for women from LAKE.

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