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Jillian Eversole wears a dress by Daydress and a knit by By Merryn

5 Life Updates February 2023

Charleston, South Carolina
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I have said this to just about every person I know but usually January is a slow month spent regrouping from the holidays and planning for the year ahead. However, this year was different. January was such a busy and full month. It was nothing like December but it was still quite go, go, go. I think this might be the nature of having two young children. Life is busy. February, being the shortest month, always does feel the shortest. I feel like I’m going to blink and it is going to be spring and then summer before my very eyes. Not to get ahead of myself here because we do have some excitement coming down the pipeline in February.

My 5 Life Updates February 2023 include our upcoming ski trip + showing our boys snow for the first time, our wedding album I am finally designing, Rowan’s newest activity, Henry’s developmental update at 10 months, and the tool I’m using to get on top of my daily and monthly finances.

P.S. Below, I’m wearing an old dress from Daydress and a cardigan from last year from By Merryn.

5 Life Updates February 2023 | JillianEversole.com
Jillian Eversole wears a dress by Daydress and a knit by By Merryn

Jillian Eversole wears a dress by Daydress and a knit by By Merryn
Pink knit and floral dress
5 Life Updates February 2023 | JillianEversole.com

5 Life Updates February 2023

A Ski Trip + Our Boys Are Seeing Snow For The First Time

I cannot believe Rowan is over two years old and will only just now be seeing snow for the first time this month. It feels like a shock to me because my maternal grandparents lived in Jackson, Wyoming so snow always felt like a part of my upbringing without actually living in a snowy place. I cannot wait to see Rowan’s reaction to snow – snow angels, snowballs, I want to do it all with him! And I think Henry will get a kick out of seeing it too. I just can’t wait to see the smiles on their faces when they discover snow. 

Rowan and Henry will be getting their first dose of snow later this month when we go to Vail to stay with friends and to go skiing. There are few things in life as sweet as seeing best friends you don’t get to see enough so the trip is sure to be good for the soul. I know our kids will all have a blast together too so it’s a perfect trip! Next up on my can’t wait list: my boys being old enough to ski themselves!

Designing Our Wedding Album

Edwin and I have been married for 5 and a half years and I am just now getting around to making our wedding album. Where in the world does the time go? My sister will be in Charleston this month so we’ve blocked off a day on our calendars to both make our wedding albums. Sarah is a newlywed so she’s got the timing right. Me? I’m just glad I have someone to do it with and an excuse to sit down and really focus on it. I’m very much looking forward to going back through all of our photos too. It sounds like a fun exercise for the heart. For anyone curious, I’m planning to do our wedding album through Milk Books. I’ve heard great things.

Rowan Started Soccer

Rowan started soccer. It is adorable and only loosely resembles soccer. He has soccer “practice” once a week and is doing it with a bunch of his little buddies. It is such a wonderful opportunity for Rowan to be outside with his peers practicing listening and learning how to be a great friend all while experiencing unbridled joy. I got him a pair of Nikes, which he affectionally calls his “soccer shoes.” The activity is bringing him a lot of smiles – as a parent, what more can you ask for? We can walk to the park where he plays and we love the group of families out there so much that, after soccer, play breaks out or group dinners convene. It is another reminder that life in Charleston is so beautiful. 

Henry Is A Man On The Move

Henry is so busy it is mind boggling. He has boundless energy and a deep curiosity for his surroundings. From the moment he opens his sweet little blue eyes in the morning, he is rearing to go into the day ahead. Our little Henry doesn’t sit still unless he is immersed in discovering or playing with a toy. Otherwise, he is a crawling machine and interested in pulling up on anything he can get his hands onto. Henry has a special twinkle in his eyes and honestly melts the hearts of everyone around him. Since he was born, I’ve said that Henry has the sweetest soul of anyone I’ve ever met (Rowan is a lovey dovey sweetheart so this is saying a lot) and now I have to say he is the sweetest busiest soul I’ve ever met.

I can’t wait to see him develop a bit more and have the confidence to stand on his own without holding onto something and then to see him take his first steps. I’m predicting that he will walk at a younger age than his big brother did but we shall see.

Financial Organization with Quicken

At the start of the year, I was chatting with my girlfriend about how I wanted a new system for staying on top of my daily finances. She had been using Quicken for awhile but had recently gotten really into it and the streamlined organization it afforded her. It sounded just like what I had been yearning for so I jumped on board. I started using Quicken and I have to say, I love it. It is a paid service but the cost is very low so it’s not a hinderance when it comes to honing in on my finances. I think it offers so much more than an excel doc or a google spreadsheet so the price is worth it to me.

I go in and update my transactions every few days – when I do it frequently, it just takes a matter of minutes each time. It has really allowed me to see exactly what I am spending each month on groceries, eating out, supplies for the boys, shopping, the list goes on. Quicken populates extremely easy-to-digest graphs for you and also helps you see all your monthly bills in one place. Honestly, it just streamlines and organizes everything. When I set it all up and selected/inputted my monthly bills, I also discovered three small hidden recurring bills I didn’t want/need to be paying for anymore. I’ve been a quick convert and am big fan so far.

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  1. Love that Quicken made it to the list here! And loved reading all of these special updates. Teleport me and my boys to Charleston for Henry hangs and Rowan soccer practice, please! Love you xoxo

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