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5 Life Updates August 2021

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There is no hiding that I have been super quiet on here this summer. Life has thrown me and my little family a few unexpected curveballs that I’m not ready to share so my attention has just naturally shifted. My days consist of my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m so fortunate to be able to put all my energy into my family right now. It is a blessing I’m thankful for every day. With a new season upon us and me resetting and getting my footing back a bit, I’m ready to blog more. I have a handful of half written posts that I’m working my way through. There is so much in my brain and I want to get out here on the blog so it felt natural to start with a post on 5 life updates August 2021…

P.S. I did share a new Caught My Eye post on Monday of this week too!

5 Life Updates August 2021 | Rhyme & Reason
How to match mother and son | Rhyme & Reason

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5 Life Updates August 2021

Rowan started preschool

In my 5 life updates from June, I shared that we picked a preschool for Rowan. Well, he had his first day last week and it was the cutest thing in the world. There is one traditional preschool in our area that starts before a 2’s program so we decided to look into it last spring. Rowan is a really social baby so my gut was telling me that he would love it and love the opportunity to be around other kiddos his age.

We started a mommy and me music class in July and it reinforced what I knew to be true about my child… he loves other littles! He really has no fear around new people. Sometimes I think “you could look a little more sad to say goodbye to me” but I’m also happy that he, so far, is really easygoing and has always adjusted super well to new faces and people.

Rowan is going to preschool Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-noon and, with two days under his belt, he’s a happy camper!

He is now missing a few weeks because we are in the mountains but I’m excited for him that preschool will be a new, fun, exciting part of his routine this year. He already knows 1 of the other 7 kiddos in his class so that’s great! On the first day of school, Rowan had no tears. I, on the other hand, had tears spring out of my eyes 30 seconds after I passed him off to one of his two sweet teachers. He was happy at pickup each day so I know we made the right decision for our little boy.

It is such a joy to see him spread his wings and support him as he makes his way in the world. I met three of my very best friends in this world when I was 2-years-old in preschool. My mind is blown thinking that Rowan could be meeting little people who he will know, love, and learn from for the rest of his life. Friendships are one of life’s biggest gifts and it’s amazing how early they start to flourish!

We are Out West for 3.5 Weeks

Rowan has been to California a number of times but he is making his grand debut out west in the mountains as we speak! We are spending 3.5 weeks out west now, at the end of August and into the beginning of September. My parents spend their summers in Idaho now so Rowan and I are here with them for just shy of two weeks while Edwin is on a 3-week-long shoot in Texas. We got here last weekend and have been simply savoring the time with my parents, the fresh cool mountain air, and the change of scenery and pace. My siblings arrive on Friday, which will make the house feel even more full!

Our Idaho plans consist of lots of hiking, walking, swimming in the lake, playing in the grass, and endless family time. The only thing that could make our Idaho time better would be if Edwin were here with us. There aren’t words big enough words to describe how much Rowan and I miss him when he has long shoots away from us.

From Idaho, my family is driving to Montana for my cousin’s wedding. I’m so excited to see so much of my extended family especially after so very long without seeing most of them over the course of 2020 and 2021. After Montana, we head to Colorado for one of my best friend from college’s weddings. 3.5 weeks is a long time away from home but it is filled with so many loves ones at the weddings that I know this time away will be a gift that fills me up for a long time.

I am Working on Planning Rowan’s First Birthday Party

Rowan will be 1 on September 23rd. I know I sound like every other parent out there but could he really be turning 1!? My heart and my mind are in disbelief. The best part of me will have lived on this earth for 1 whole year. I can’t think of a better reason to celebrate! Rowan’s birthday arrives right after the first day of fall so I’m leaning into that for his party theme. I am definitely going to keep it small and not go overboard but I am excited about some little touches here and there to mark his day and make it special.

Life is about cherishing our families, making memories, and, I think, celebrating each and every little thing! I try to celebrate Rowan every day but his first birthday is going to be my favorite celebration yet! I’m excited to share more about what I have up my sleeve for his birthday.

Growing My Hair Out This Summer

I’ve been growing my hair out this summer and am so happy with the length I’ve added and how healthy my hair is at the same time. There have been times in my life when I’ve grown out my hair but it hasn’t been healthy so it looks and feels horrible with uneven, broken, dry ends. This time, I feel like I’ve done it right and it shows + I can feel the difference in my hair. I can credit one main change to making all the difference in my hair. At the beginning of the summer, I started using this hair care system and it has changed my hair. In particular, I’m obsessed with the Miracle Mask and the Intensive Spray. Those are definitely the two hero products for me!

I’m not sure if I’ve ever used a product designed specifically to give my scalp some love (I’m always focused on my actual hair or my ends) until I started using the Intensive Spray. What a game changer. The Miracle Mask addresses my hair though (still very necessary!) and leaves my hair feeling so soft and hydrated (hydration is something I’m always fighting for with my color treated hair). I’m a big proponent of these two items and what they’ve done for my hair this summer! All Bondi Boost products are natural + organic, which was what originally drew me to look into the brand in the first place. They have kindly given me a 20% off code in case anyone is looking to do an overhaul on their hair… JILLIAN_EVERSOLE20 for the win!

My Sister’s Maid of Honor

So my wonderful sister asked me to be her Maid of Honor and I’m overjoyed! My sister, Sarah, is getting married fall of 2022 in Charleston, which doesn’t feel soon enough! Sarah and Blake make such a fantastic couple and I know they will create and cherish a very rich, full, loving, and well-lived life together. In fact, they already are! We have a little over a year of celebrations ahead of us leading up to their Lowcountry wedding that I can’t wait to kick off!

Sarah asked me to be her Maid of Honor and asked her best girlfriends to be her bridesmaids in the most beautiful way. She sent us all a gorgeous traditional Charleston Camellia Bowl from Croghan’s along with a breathtaking box of High Camp Gardenias to float in the bowl (it works just as well for gardenias as it does for camellias). I floated gardenias and had gardenias in vases all over my house making my home smell like a Charleston garden for a week. It was truly heavenly and the chicest maid of honor/bridesmaids ask I’ve ever seen. Being Sarah’s Maid of Honor really is such an honor and something I’ve been looking forward to since Sarah was my Maid of Honor a handful of years ago. Sisters are such a gift and my relationship with Sarah isn’t something I’d trade for the world! I love you Sarah!!

5 Life Updates August 2021 | Rhyme & Reason
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5 Life Updates August 2021 | Rhyme & Reason

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