Jillian Eversole in a blue and white stripe maxi dress in Charleston | JillianEversole.com
Blue hydrangeas blooming in Charleston window boxes

5 Life Updates April 2023

Charleston, South Carolina
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Today’s post is a simple one, 5 Life Updates April 2023 complete with what is going on with us this month. I have a good feeling about April. I think it is going to be a really fantastic month! April might be my favorite month in Charleston (April, May, October, or December that is) because the city is literally bursting at the seems with beautiful blooms, the weather is sensational, the beach is perfect, and the calendar is full of fun. This month, Rowan has become a professional Easter egg hunter, my boys are busy with activities, Edwin and I are taking a highly anticipated trip without our kids, Henry is getting baptized, and I am hosting an event at my house that I am really looking forward to! It’s sure to be a busy month to remember.

I adore this Lee Mathews dress along with everything else Lee Mathews designs. I bought it earlier this year and now can’t find it anywhere online, sad! However, at the bottom of this post, I rounded up a bright rainbow of sensational dresses for spring and summer because… dress season. Each one is an absolute beauty in its own right. My shoes and purse are available though. If you want to invest in a designer bag right now or soon, let this Loewe Mini Napa Drawstring Clutch Bag be the one. I compared its size to so many other purses before I picked it out and it’s perfect. The size is day to night and the leather is out of this world soft. I can’t say enough good things.

Jillian Eversole in a blue and white stripe maxi dress in Charleston | JillianEversole.com
Blue hydrangeas blooming in Charleston window boxes

Dress (sold out – similar dress by the same designer) / Shoes / Purse

Blue and white dresses for spring and summer 2023
5 Life Updates April 2023 | JillianEversole.com

5 Life Updates April 2023

Henry’s Baptism

Henry is getting baptized at the end of this month. I am so excited for the day and to celebrate my littlest love. All four of his godparents are flying in and all four of his grandparents will be here, which makes Edwin and I feel so blessed. We are having a big brunch celebration with family and friends following the church service that I know is going to be beautiful and delicious. Just thinking about the baptism makes my heart feel full. Henry is so lucky to have such a tremendous circle around him to lift him up throughout his life. His baptism will be a true testament to that and a day I can’t wait to tell him about as he grows up.

Edwin and I Are Flying The Coup

Edwin and I are ending the month with a much anticipated escape to Florida. I say much anticipated because we booked this trip a year ago. It was about a week after I had Henry, I was recovering from my c-section in bed and thought to myself, I want a trip on the horizon for just Edwin and me. I called my sister (a travel advisor) and she had us booked at The Gasparilla Inn in no time. A year later and the trip is finally almost here! It will be our first time to Gasparilla but we have some friends in Charleston who go every year and I have a girlfriend who grew up going and got married there so we got to the point where we had heard way too many wonderful things not to go ourselves. The countdown is on!

I’m Hosting a Treasure Trunk Show

A girlfriend of mine in Los Angeles has been wanting to come to Charleston for awhile now to host a pop-up for her brand Berner & Co. She’s making it happen this month and I’m thrilled to lend a hand to help her host the event. She has put together a marvelous group of small female-owned businesses to make it a beautiful afternoon full of treasures. I’m so happy to have the opportunity to (in a very small way) shine a light on these women and their incredible brands. It brings me a lot of joy! Send me an email if you are local and have interest in coming to see gorgeous new arrivals from Berner & Co., Kilte Collection, Coco Shop, and Sarah Chilton Designs.

We Are Professional Easter Egg Hunters

Rowan is officially a professional Easter egg hunter. We have a total of 8 Easter egg hunts, wooo! I think we are making it to 6 of them (so far, we’ve made it to 3/4 that have happened). Remember the days of our childhood when there was exactly one Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday? It was a simpler time. I honestly love it though – the more times to gather and celebrate with my kids, the better. I’m also always in for an activity with my boys! I shared some snaps from our first Easter egg hunt of the season here and will share some from our second this week.

Rowan thinks Easter is the greatest thing to come along since Christmas – no surprise there! All this to say that we are having a ball at all of our egg hunts and are very much looking forward to actual Easter Sunday, more egg hunts this coming weekend, and watching The Masters. It’s hard to beat a Masters Easter weekend.

Spring Activities for the Boys

When the weather is glorious in Charleston, the calendar is full. Rowan finishes up soccer this month, has a little break, and then starts a swim refresher course. Last spring, he did swimming 4 days a week for 6 weeks. This year, he will do swim lessons 2 days a week for 6 weeks. He’s doing a survival swimming course and, while it was quite intense to watch last year, it gave Rowan so much confidence in the water and really made him an absolute water bug! As a parent raising my children in a place with tons of water around (pools, ocean, intercostal waterways), I personally feel that this is imperative. Henry will do it too when he is a bit older.

Henry is enjoying music class! We are doing the same mommy and me music class that I did with Rowan for a year when he was Henry’s age. Rowan and I could still be doing it for his age group but there aren’t quite enough hours in the day. Anywho, I really didn’t want to fall into the trap of doing things for the first born and then being too busy to make them happen for the next child. So, I’ve made it a point to prioritize music class for Henry and I’m so glad I am. We have had two sessions now and he just lights up. It’s a joy to watch.

Jillian Eversole shares 5 Life Updates
Jillian Eversole in a blue and white stripe maxi dress in Charleston | JillianEversole.com
5 Life Updates April 2023 | JillianEversole.com

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