30 Hostess Gift Ideas For Christmas: Under $50 on Rhyme & Reason

30 Hostess Gift Ideas For Christmas: Under $50

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This weekend marks the first weekend of December so I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you are off to at least one holiday party. We have two and are so excited! I’m ready to get dressed up and pop some bubbly! One rule I never break during the holidays is to never show up empty handed to a party. With this in mind, I wanted to share 30 hostess gift ideas for Christmas: under $50. All of these gifts are foolproof so you cannot go wrong! I know it can be expensive to always buy a gift for every party, which is why I decided to focus on gifts under $50. I hope you enjoy and have a blast at your upcoming holiday parties!

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30 Hostess Gift Ideas For Christmas: Under $50 on Rhyme & Reason

Candlesticks / Coasters / Cake Stand / Spoon Rest / Herbal Printed Platter / Vase / Serving Spoons / Crackers / Gift Tags / Hand Towels / Canister / Thank You Cards / Carafe / Cocktail Napkins / Domestic Pursuits Book / Throw Blanket / Candle / Serving Bowl / Playing Cards / Dominos Set / Cheese Board / Travel Cocktail Kit / Cheese Knife Set / Copper Mugs / Tonic Trio / Ornaments / Dinner Parties Coffee Table Book / Pitcher / Sugarfina Gummies / Roses

Hostess Gift Ideas For Christmas

Candlesticks: I can’t stop admiring these wooden candlesticks. Candlesticks can be so formal so I love the casual twist of these as they are made of wood. Anyone who enjoys hosting dinner parties needs these!

Coasters: A set of monogram coasters… need I say more? I love the marble + wood combo! I have coasters in every room of our house so you can never have enough.

Cake Stand: The holidays always inspire me to get in the kitchen and bake. This cake stand is both beautiful and minimalist so it will fit right in in anyone’s kitchen!

Spoon Rest: Is it just me or does it drive you crazy when you are cooking and there is no spoon rest in sight!? Hostesses need to keep their kitchens clean when hosting so this is a perfect little gift.

Herbal Printed Platter: Adorable! These herbal printed platters come in four different herb prints and are just so lovely. Any host who loves to cook right out of their garden will love these!

Vase: These two-toned vases comes in 3 different color combos and can be monogrammed so what’s not to love? Tip: show up at a party with this vase and fresh flowers inside and you’ll be the host’s favorite guest!

Serving Spoons: A classic gift that you can never go wrong with = a pretty set of serving spoons. These are gorgeous!

Crackers: Kick the fun up a bit with these crackers. The host can add them to her table setting or pass them out after dessert!

Gift Tags: I try to wrap gifts ahead of time but find myself always running out to buy more gift tags, gift bags, and gift wrapping so gift these to your next party host and she’ll be so grateful.

Hand Towels: Hand towels get used constantly so it’s always best to replace them often and keep fresh ones on hand. I love the color palette of these hand towels for a fresh 2019.

Canister: Name a host who doesn’t love blue and white canisters… I dare you! I can’t think of one so this is always a go-to hostess gift of mine.

Thank You Cards: Chances are your hostess is going to lots of other holiday parties other than her own so she will need cute thank you notes on hand! Aka, this is a perfect gift.

Carafe: My heart melted when I saw this! It is simply stunning! Click through to see what it looks like when filled with a holiday beverage (hint: it looks beautiful!). The floral pattern… I die.

Cocktail Napkins: These hemstitched cocktail napkins can be personalized so they are just right. I love the fun fonts!

Domestic Pursuits Book: This book is a staple in every single Charleston household. It’s a must for anyone who loves to host so it’s an absolute ideal hostess gift!

Throw Blanket: A yummy new throw blanket is a great hostess gift because hosting can be stressful. Every host wants to curl up with a snuggly throw after a party and relax.

Candle: A candle that fills your home with a cozy, rustic fragrance is every host’s dream.

Serving Bowl: Aerin released the most stunning holiday collection for Williams Sonoma! I’ve been having vivid dreams of having this whole collection in my kitchen. The serving bowl is such a gorgeous piece.

Playing Cards: Gin Rummy is a regular activity in our house so we always appreciate a new deck of cards. You wouldn’t believe all the ways you can personalize these cards!

Dominos Set: Edwin and I are known to travel with playing cards (hence why I love the above cards), travel dominos, and/or backgammon. So, this gift is great for your friends on the go who like to unwind with games!

Cheese Board: This stoneware cheese board will make even the yummiest cheese + charcuterie look even more delicious. It will fit right into a modern or traditional kitchen so it’s sure to be a hostess gift home run!

Travel Cocktail Kit: Which hosts do you know that are traveling for Christmas or New Years? Give them this travel cocktail kit so they can mix up two delicious champagne cocktails mid-flight!

Cheese Knife Set: Whoops! This gorgeous cheese knife set accidentally made it into this guide and they are NOT under $50… my apologies! Talk about a lovely splurge gift though.  Anthropologie has some fun cheese knife sets for under $50 though!

Copper Mugs: One of my favorite holiday beverages is a cold Moscow mule in a copper mug. I like to make it look festive with green and red garnish like cranberries! This is an all around crowd pleaser hostess gift.

Tonic Trio: This makes a fantastic gift and a great addition to a home bar or bar cart!

Ornaments: Made from real beechwood, these simple nautical ornaments are a perfect gift to give. Since they are white, they will go with anyone’s tree and enhance a tree and existing decor!

Dinner Parties Coffee Table Book: I was given this coffee table book as a hostess gift and I cherish it. It’s the best gift for the gal in your life who loves to entertain! I also love that it is pink so it always sticks out in a stack.

Pitcher: No doubt, every host needs a pitcher. This seagrass wrapped pitcher will be so pretty to have going into the new year and spring!

Sugarfina Gummies: When in doubt, I always bring Sugarfina gummies as a hostess gift. These rosé flavored ones are my forever favorite!

Roses: These roses last up to one year… no joke! I gave these as a hostess gift to a friend once and she flipped. She still says it’s her favorite hostess gift she’s ever received.

Get my 30 Hostess Gift Ideas For Christmas: Under $50 gifts:

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But wait, there’s more (they wouldn’t all fit above + some over $50):

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I hope everyone enjoys any holiday parties they are off to this weekend! Don’t forget to not show up empty handed! xx

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